SRRC Athlete of the Week

“On fire”, on a roll”, “in the zone”, all great figures of speech intended to describe that unique state of mind that every SRRC athlete strives to tap into. As all of our team members are dedicated to achieving greatness, we wanted to highlight specific accomplishments of drive, confidence, calm, focus and athletic achievement.

Take a moment and help us celebrate our athletes and help us recognize their achievements while we encourage all to follow their journey. Let us congratulate Rhiannon Lubaszewski & Ethan Fox as our SRRC Athletes of the Week.

Rhiannon Lubaszewski

Rhiannon Lubaszewski is skier of the week. Her hard work during the off season and the current season resulted in another state title. Last year, she won the U12 Derby. This year, as a first year U14, she won back to back state champion for U12-U14.

Ethan Fox

Ethan Fox is our snowboarder of the week. Coach Jeff says, "Foxy has been putting in the work this season and it shows. If he keeps riding the way he's been, that plane ride home just may be a little heavier with some National Champion medals on board."

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