SRRC Athlete of the Week

“On fire”, on a roll”, “in the zone”, all great figures of speech intended to describe that unique state of mind that every SRRC athlete strives to tap into. As all of our team members are dedicated to achieving greatness, we wanted to highlight specific accomplishments of drive, confidence, calm, focus and athletic achievement.

Take a moment and help us celebrate our athletes and help us recognize their achievements while we encourage all to follow their journey. Let us congratulate Tatum Treherne, Mathew Penny and Talon Belluscio as our SRRC Athletes of the Week.

Tatum Treherne

Tatum Treherne is skier of the week for earning the most world cup points in the U16 Central derby qualifying races. Tatum is 14 years old. She lives with parents Angie and Scott and her sister Teaghan (16) who is also a member of SRRC. Her older sister Tia (25) is a member of the US Air Force. Angie is a fixture at Roundtop Mountain Resort.

Mathew Penny

Mathew Penny is skier of the week for finishing with the most world cup points the derby qualifying races in the central division. Matt is 16 years old. He lives in Lancaster, PA with his parents Donna and Denny. Denny is longtime member of the Roundtop Mountain Resort Ski Patrol. We all know Matt’s older brother, Kyle, the U16 head coach.

Talon Belluscio

Talon Belluscio is snowboarder of the week. Coach Jeff say,” T-Money takes this week’s Athlete of the Week for pulling down the fastest runs of the day Saturday at the Mid-Atlantic Snowboard Series. This 13 year old who JUST turned 14 a few weeks ago is turning heads. I’m still amazed that Talon can’t compete in the NORAM Race to the Cup series for another TWO years! But when his time finally comes... LOOK OUT!!!”

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