SRRC Athlete of the Week

“On fire”, on a roll”, “in the zone”, all great figures of speech intended to describe that unique state of mind that every SRRC athlete strives to tap into. As all of our team members are dedicated to achieving greatness, we wanted to highlight specific accomplishments of drive, confidence, calm, focus and athletic achievement.

Take a moment and help us celebrate our athlete and help us recognize their achievements while we encourage all to follow their journey. Let us congratulate Anna Bernstein and Gabriella Gates as our SRRC Athletes of the Week.

Anna Bernstein

Anna Bernstein is our snowboarder of the week. Anna began snowboarding in 2014. She joined SRRC in 2017 and competed in her first race January 2018. Coach Jeff says, "Anna continues to progress at every practice. Her enthusiasm for the sport spreads to others on the club. I'm excited for this young woman's future in snowboarding".

Gabriella Gates

Gabriella Gates is our skier of the week. Gabriella learned to cross block in training last week. Coach Diann says Gabriella is, ”working hard to learn new things.” Gabriella is 13 years old. She is a second year U14. She began skiing at age 5. She joined SRRC ate age 9. This is her fourth season on SRRC.

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