Devo Program

The DEVO Program is an invitation-only program for U14 athletes (ages 12 and 13 as of 12/31/15) and qualified 2nd-year U12 athletes (age 11 as of 12/31/15). This program is specifically designed to provide future Travel+ athletes with a very high-level and comprehensive program to enhance their progression to the Travel+ Program. DEVO athletes are invited based upon State Team selection, U12 Derby results (top 15 men and top 15 women) or U14 Derby results (top 30 men and top 25 women). Only 2nd-year U12 athletes who made the State Team the previous year are eligible for the DEVO Program.

SRRC ATHLETES CAN QUALIFY FOR THE TRAVEL+ PROGRAM WITHOUT PARTICIPATING OR BEING INVITED TO PARTICIPATE IN THE DEVO PROGRAM AS A U14. Athletes at the U14 age develop across a very wide timeframe. The fastest U14 today is often not the fastest U19 in the future.

The Travel Program is an excellent program to also develop Homegrown Champions and not all athletes will qualify for DEVO or choose to join DEVO if invited.

  • 5-Day per week program – Weekend mornings and afternoons, Monday through Thursday evenings
  • 75% gate training focus in SL, GS and SG with coaches experienced in high-level and national competition. Fundamentals training will be incorporated into Monday and Wednesday evening training sessions. There is no Tuesday and Thursday afternoon training for DEVO athletes
  • The DEVO Program includes the following…
    • Pre-Season New England and NY State camps (limited)
    • In-season camps and races in New England and NY State (limited)
    • Small coach to athlete ratio
    • Regular Dartfish and Microgate utilization
    • Sports Psychology, Nutrition and Conditioning programs
    • Tuning and race preparation instruction
    • Post-season races in New England and NY State (limited)
  • Will participate in Saturday Morning Race Series
  • Will participate in USSA races throughout PA and have opportunity to qualify for PA State Championships (Derbies) and possibly post-season championship events in New England and NY State