Saturday, August 19 beginning at 1:30 for golf and pool at the Harrisburg Country Club.  Concluding in the evening with dinner, music, auction, and Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony. Members, guests, friends, and alumni are all welcomed. Email for more details.

March 3 – 5, 2017 – U14 & U19/21 STATE CHAMPIONSHIP!!!

Four SRRC U19/21 racers competed in the PA CUP Finals at Elk Mountain.

Overall results follow:
Men:  Jack Dailey, 3rd; Dalton Miles, 5th
Women:  Anika Furrer, 8th; Isabel Mize, 19th

Thirteen SRRC U14 racers qualified for the State Championships at Seven Springs.

Overall results follow:
Men:  Brady Mason, 1st; Matthew Penny, 5th; Bryce Gonder, 18th; Warren Nichols, 20th; Jesse Mize, 21; Dylan Aderholt, 29th; Ben Berger, 33rd
Women: Marcella Altman, 2nd; Julia Bennett, 3rd; Tatum Treherne, 8th; Allison Mitchell, 9th; Madeline Graf, 28th; Grace Hubbard, 29th

CONGRATULATIONS to Brady, PARA’s U14 State Champion, who is joined by Matthew, Marcella, and Julia to compete as members of the PARA State Team at the Eastern U14 Regional Championships in Sunday River, ME. Also representing PA are Tatum and Allison at Piches in Gunstock, NH.

February 24-27, 2017 –  U12 &  U16 STATE CHAMPIONSHIP WEEKEND!!!

Nine SRRC U16 racers qualified for the State Championships at Blue Mountain.

Overall results follow:
Boys: Sam Reilly, 1st; Duncan Bedell, 2nd; Tyler Yost, 12th; Aiden Gonder, 13th; Zach Bonner, 20th; James Cesare, 26th
Girls:  Adair Martin, 2nd; Anna Midock, 13th; Madelynn Bennett, 31st

CONGRATULATIONS:  Sam Reilly, PARA’s U16 State Champion, is joined by Duncan Bedell, Tyler Yost, Adair Martin on the PARA State Team.  Sam, Duncan, Adair qualify to compete at the Eastern U16 Championship at Stowe, VT.  Tyler qualifies to compete in the Eastern Finals at Okemo, VT

Nine SRRC U12 racers qualified for the State Championships @ Roundtop with co-host TMART

Overall results follow:
Boys:  Lane Krosse, 5th; Bolling Shirk, 11th; Gio Busulini, 30th; Ivan Bene 31st;  Thomas Romig, 38th
Girls:   Rhiannon Lubaszewski, 1st; Abigail Miller, 2nd; Rebecca Mize, 13th; Alyssa Gates, 29th
CONGRATULATIONS!  Rhiannon Lubaszewski is PARA U12 Girls State Champ and also 1st in Skillsquest. Rhiannon was joined by Lane and Abby as members of the 2017 PARA U12 State Team.


February 12, 2017

Fortyfour SRRC teammates gathered on a rainy day at Liberty Mountain Resort to compete in the Solar City GS for U10’s through U16’s.

U10 Girls: Emi McCullough, 3rd; Cameron Starner, 5th; Talia Keithley, 6th; Kennedy Lauer, 12th; Logan Shettel, 16th; Claire Hubbard, 17th
U12 Girls: Abigail Miller, 1st; Rhiannon Lubeszewski, 2nd; Rebecca Mize, 4; Alyssa Gates
U14 Girls:  Tatum Treherne, 1st; Allison Mitchell, 2nd; Julia Bennett, 4th; Grace Hubbard, 5th; Madeline Graf, 11th; Gabriella Gates, 13th; Megan Diller, 18th, 22 Allison Miller

U10 Boys: Reed Krosse, 1st; Jackson Miller, 2nd; Tripp Pursel, 4th; Liam George, 7th; Donavan Bennett, 9th; Barrett Spitzer, 12; Ben Lebo, 20th
U12 Boys:  Lane Krosse, 2nd; Bo Shirk, 3rd; Thomas Romig, 10th, Ivan Bene, 13th; Gio Busulini, 15th; Aden Keithley, 26th
U14 Boys:  Ben Berger, 1st; Dylan Alderholt, 3rd; Nichoas Warren, 5th; Jesse Mize, 9th; Joe Kostelac, 13th
U16 Boys: James Cesare, 1st

February 4 and 5, 2017

SRRC and Whitetail co-hosted the Learning without Tears GS on Saturday, February 5 for 188 racers aged U10 to U16, the first qualifier for U12 and U14 Central racers of the 16/17 season.

U10 Ladies:  Bella Fisher, 2nd; Isabella Altman, 3rd; Cameron Starner, 4th; Emi McCullough, 5th; Talia Keithley, 7th; Lily Malin, 11th; Ryan Reese, 13th; Juliana Serafin, 20th
U10 Men: Tripp Pursel, 1st; Reed Krosse, 2nd; Jackson Miller, 3rd; George Liam, 6th; Joseph Coyne, 7th; Donavan Bennett, 8th; Benjamin Kasofsky, 12th; Barret Spitzer, 14th; Ben Lebo, 18th

U12 Ladies: Abigail Miller, 1st; Rhiannon Lubaszewski, 2nd; Rebecca Mize, 4th; Adelaide Pucci, 5th; Alyssa Gates, 6th
U12 Men: Lane Krosse, 1st; Bo Shirk, 5th; Ivan Bene, 5th; Thomas Romig, 16th, Dylan Sanford, 19th; Aden Keithley, 24th

U14 Ladies:  Marcella Altman, 1st; Tatum Treherne, 2nd; Julia Bennett, 3rd; Allison Mitchell, 4th; Grace Hubbard, 6th; Gabriella Gates, 8th; Megan Diller, 14th
U14 Men: Brady Mason, 2nd; Matthew Penny, 3rd; Bryce Gonder, 5th, Warren Nicholas, 7th; Jesse Mize, 15th; Will Dussinger, 17th; Joe Kostelac, 18th

U16 Ladies: Teaghan Treherne, 1st;  Natalie Toth, 3rd; Sara Pereverzoff, 4th
U16 Men: no racers

SRRC hosted 191 racers for the Richard Whitney Memorial SL for racers aged U10 to U16, the second qualifier for U12 and U14 Central racers of the 16/17 season.

U10 Ladies: Bella Fisher, 4th; Kennedy Lauer, 7th
U10 Men: Reed Krosse, 1st; Tripp Pursel, 2nd; Jackson Miller, 3rd; Tyler Rudy, 5th; Joseph Coyne, 6th; George Liam, 7th; Barrett Spitzer, 14th

U12 Ladies:  Rhiannon Lubaszewski, 1st; Abigail Miller, 2nd; Kyra Urick, 3rd; Rebecca Mize, 5th; Alyssa Gates, 7th; Julia Turosinski, 12th
U12 Men:  Lane Krosse, 5th; Gio Busulini, 8th; Bo Shirk, 12th; Thomas Romig, 13th, Dylan Sanford, 20th; Aden Keithley, 23rd

U14 Ladies: Marcella Altman, 1st; Allison Mitchell, 2nd; Julia Bennett, 3rd; Grace Hubbard, 8th; Gabriella Gates, 10th; Madeline Graf, 13th; Megan Diller, 18th
U14 Men: Brady Mason, 2nd; Matthew Penny, 3rd; Ben Berger, 5th; Bryce Gonder, 7th;  Warren Nicholas, 9th; Joe Kostelac, 11th; Will Dussinger, 14th; Dylan Alderholt, 20th

U16 Ladies: Teaghan Treherne, 2nd; Madelynn Bennett, 3rd; Sarah Pereverzoff, 4th; Natalie Toth, 6th
U16 Men: Sam Reilly, 1st; Aiden Gonder, 2nd; Zach Bonner, 4th; Tyler Yost, 8th; Andrew Waldman, 10th, Jack Zavrel, 14th             

January 27 – 29, 2017

SRRC’s U16 and U19’s results from PA Cup 3, 4, and 5 at Blue Mountain.

PA CUP 3, Ladies:  Isabel Mize (U19) 27th; Teaghan Treherne (U16) 29th
PA CUP 3, Men: Duncan Bedell (U16) 1st; Sam Reilly (U16) 2nd; Dalton Miles (U19) 3rd

PA CUP 4, Ladies: Annika Furer (U19) 17th; Madelynn Bennett (U16) 31st; Isabel Mize (U19) 36th, Teaghan Treherne (U16) 45th
PA CUP 4, Men: Jack Dailey (U19) 3rd; Duncan Bedell (U16) 9th; Dalton Miles (U19) 11th; Sam Reilly (U16) 12th; Tyler Yost (U16) 20th, James Cesare (U16) 43rd; Aiden Gonder (U16) 46th; Jack Zavrel (U16) 58th; Andrew Waldman (U16) 56th

PA CUP 5, Ladies: Madelynn Bennett (U16) 26th; Isabel Mize (U19) 29th; Teaghan Treherne (U16) 31st
PA Cup 5, Men: Duncan Bedell (U16); 4th; Dalton Miles (U19) 9th; Jack Dailey (U19) 18th; Sam Reilly (U16) 23rd; Tyler Yost (U16) 28th; James Cesare (U16) 46th; Zach Bonner (U16) 56th

January 21, 2017

SRRC U16’s competed at the Blue Mountain’s GS Race, the first in the qualifier series for the U16 State Championship.

U16 Ladies
Teaghan Treherne, 31st
Sarah Pereverzoff, 33rd

U16 Men
Duncan Bedell, 1st
Tyler Yost, 6th
James Cesare, 10th
Zach Bonner, 19th

January 14 & 15, 2017

Eleven U16 and U19 SRRC athletes traveled to the PA CUP 1 & 2 at Seven Springs for two days of SL racing. The PA CUPS are an 8 race series culminating in the State Championship for U19’s and U21’s.  U16’s were racing for points and experience.  Annika’s weekend results positioned her 2nd overall in the PA Cup series. Duncan Bedell’s performance in PA CUP 2 was a first in both U16’s and U19’s. Results follow:

U19 Ladies
Annika Furrer, 3rd
Isabel Mize, 2oth
U16  Ladies
Anna Midock, 1st
U19 Men
Dalton Miles, 6th
U16 Men
Sam Reilly, 1st
Duncan Bedell, 2nd
Tyler Yost, 5th
Aiden Gonder, 6th
Zach Bonner, 15th
Andrew Waldman, 18th

U19 Ladies
Annika Furrer, 2nd
Isabel Mize, 13th
U19 Men
Dalton Miles, 6th
Jack Dailey, 24th
U16 Men
Duncan Bedell, 1st
Tyler Yost, 6th
Sam Reilly, 10th
Aiden Gonder, 11th
Zach Bonner, 19th
Andrew Waldman, 27th
Jan 8, 2017

One hundred racers gathered to participate in the 2017 Frank Sheibley Race for Excellence.  Two morning GS runs were used to advance forty seven competitors into a Dual GS shootout in the afternoon. Great sportsmanship and breathtaking split second finishes topped off a great day.

2017 Frank Sheibley GS Race for Excellence, U10 – U14 Ladies
2017 Frank Sheibley GS Race for Excellence, U10 – U14 Men
2017 Frank Sheibley PGS – U10 – U14, Ladies
2017 Frank Sheibley PGS – U10 – U14 Men

Congratulations to the Fastest Female, Marcella Altman (SRRC) and Fastest Male, Brady Mason (SRRC).

GS, U10 Females: 1st Cameron Starner (SRRC), 2nd Bella Fisher (SRRC), 3rd Talia Keithley (SRRC)
GS, U12 Females: 1st Rhiannon Lubaszewski (SRRC), 2nd Adelaide Pucci (SRRC), 3rd Alyssa Gates (SRRC)
GS, U14 Females: 1st Marcella Altman (SRRC), 2nd Tatum Treherne (SRRC), 3rd Julia Bennett (SRRC)
GS, U10 Males: 1st Reed Krosse (SRRC), 2nd Jackson Miller (SRRC), 3rd Tripp Pursel (SRRC)
GS, U12 Males: 1st Lange Gaspar (LMRT), 2nd Tyler Superczynski (LMRT), 3rd Van Glantz (TMART)
GS, U14 Males: 1st Brady Mason (SRRC), 2nd Ben Berger (SRRC), 3rd Matthew Penny (SRRC)

Dual GS Champions
U10’s:  Cameron Starner (SRRC) & Reed Krosse (SRRC)
U12’s: Rhiannon Lubaszewski (SRRC) & Lange Gaspar (LMRT)
U14’s: Allison Mitchell (SRRC) & Brady Mason (SRRC)

Dual GS Finalists
U10’s: Bella Fisher (SRRC) & Tripp Pursel (SRRC)
U12’S: Adelaide Pucci (SRRC) & Bo Shirk (SRRC)
U14’s: Julia Bennett (SRRC) & Ben Berger (SRRC)

2017 Central U10-U16 and U19 PA Cup Schedule

Start spreading the news: Be sure to check out our “2017 Central U16-10 Schedule” and lock in the dates.  This schedule covers dates, competition locations, events, age classes, qualifier and whether it’s scored.  We encourage you to watch and support our SRRC racers during race activities and please remember that all coaching and teaching has been accomplished prior to your athlete entering the race.  Races are for showing off their new and improved skills.  Encouragement and positive reinforcement are what we pride ourselves on in SRRC.

The SRRC calendar is set in the Summer and unfolds across all the seasons. Watch here for the most up-to-date announcements and details about upcoming events.

Download the 2017 Central U10-16 and PA Cup Schedule
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2017 SRRC Saturday Morning Race Schedule

January 7: GS
January 14: GS
January 21: No Race
January 28: GS
February 4: NoRace
February 11: GS
February 18: SL
February 25: GS
March 4: GS Last 2017 Race

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