SRRC’s Grant Program is intended to help deserving potential new SRRC members and current SRRC racers partially offset the cost of ski racing by having some or all of the registration fee paid by the club.

Please read below for details on how to apply.

The grant will be awarded to a potential new or current SRRC athlete who is 10 years old or older as of January 1 of the upcoming season. Any eligible athlete can apply for the grant, including children of both SRRC board members and SRRC coaches, with the one exception being that those children of the selection committee are NOT eligible for the grant. An athlete can be awarded a grant for a maximum of 3 consecutive seasons. All applications and awards are private and only known to Committee members: Program Coordinator, Coach Representative, and SRRC Club President.

Selection Process
SRRC Grant Comittee will make up the selection committee and function as judges for awarding the grant.

Evaluation is comprised of review of the SRRC application form, an informal assessment of financial need, skiing potential and a brief letter, written in the racer’s hand, describing the applicant’s interest in the grant, skiing and ski racing.

Applicant’s submission, using this 2019 – 20 Grant Announcement & Form,  consists of an application form and a brief letter by the athlete addressed to  SRRC Program Coordinator.  Parent and racer should indicate their interest in and need for the grant program; briefly describing what the grant, skiing and ski racing means to them.

Parents are encouraged to help but not dominate the submittal process. A racer’s letter should be age appropriate in writing ability (handwritten or typed), grammar, and length.

Applications can be emailed, preferably,  to or USMailed with advance coordination by text or phone to Tracey Beinhaur at 717 979 2347.  Each applicant receives notice in 24 hours confirming that their application is received.


Submission is due by December 1st. Grant awards will be announced within 3 weeks of the opening of the ski season. Evaluation and judging is acknowledged to be subjective. The decision of the judges is final. A brief assessment of skiing potential may be conducted informally on snow as appropriate and available.

Distribution of funds
After review of applications and selection of winners, the club Treasurer will write a check to the winning athlete for their use in paying for, or reimbursement for, club registration fees.  If a current outstanding balance exists on a TeamSnap account, the award can be applied to the balance by the Treasurer as opted by the submitting parent. Winners will be notified by email and phone call, privately and individually.

Any questions can be directed to the SRRC Program Coordinator by email at or Coach Ted Fridirici at