2018/19 Registration – Access to our online registration via TeamSnap


SRRC is introducing a new registration policy which applies to both re-newing and new ski families.  SRRC’s new process for registration is due to overwhelming demand and structured to maintain the success of its programs:

  1. Limit on Alpine Ski racers is set at 100, subject to program type and age.
  1. Registration begins on October 15th and closes on November 15th.  $250 down payment required upon registration.
  1. Returning members have 1st priority so long as they register by November 15th.
  1. New members may register and make down payment but are not guaranteed a spot until after November 15th.  First come, first serve based upon registration date and subject to review by age and program.
  1. Prompt refunds will be made to anyone not accepted into the program.
  1. Final payment of all member fees are due by December 15th.
  1.  Any registrant after December 15, should an opening remain, must submit 100% payment at time of registration.
  1. Grant applications must be postmarked by Dec 1. Grant awards announcements are made by Dec 8th via email and award checks are issued to the applicant on or about the same date.  Deposits are still required by November 15 and balances are due on December 15 for awardees.

USSA MEMBERSHIP – in addition to SRRC registration fees, all members must register with the United States Ski and Snowboard Association (USSA).  A lifetime license number is assigned upon registering the first time and must be updated yearly.  Have your health membership cards handy to register each year.

  • Returning racers please update your USSA membership prior to registering with SRRC.
  • New racers should wait until you receive your acceptance notice, then register immediately with USSA.  While registering with SRRC, enter 999 as your USSA number.   Fees for new racers vary by membership type and age.  Fees begin as low as $25 for racers who do not want to race in sanctioned racers and peak out at $185 for the oldest racers who seek full access to sanctioned racing. Assistance is available at selecting the right membership level at time of acceptance.
    •  A “General” membership is sufficient for Grom, Comp and Comp + racers who elect NOT to participate in sanctioned racing on January 6 and February 2.
    • A “Competitor” membership is required for any skiers who wants to race in events other than the Saturday morning race.

New families are encourage review our Parent Resource page under the CLUB tab and our programs listed under the SKIING and SNOWBOARD tabs. You can also utilize the Registration Worksheet to estimate costs prior to logging into the Team SNAP app, our online registration and communication resource.

SRRC is hosting a kick off meeting on Sunday, Oct 14, 2018 from 4 to 7pm.  This meeting is optional.  SRRC will share calendars, outline programs, answer registration questions; in addition to grilling and chilling on the deck at the bottom of Exhibition at our Comp Center.  Attendees are encouraged to sign up by clicking this link.

Renewing members – please use your account id and pw to login into your TeamSNAP account, then repeat the registration process as you did last year. Your info from last year will auto-fill, so think carefully about what updates are needed.

New members – create an account and proceed to the registration link.

Registration and online payment (small convenience fee applicable) will be collected via Team SNAP or a personal check (the cost of a stamp) can be mailed to the address displayed at checkout on Team SNAP.

Questions about registering can be directed to Tracey Beinhaur, Program Coordinator, at 717 979 2347 via text or email. New members are advised to contact the SRRC Program Coordinator to get started.

GRANT – Deadline Saturday, December 1. Skiing and ski racing can be expensive. We get that. That’s why SRRC started a Grant program!
Click HERE for details on SRRC’s  GRANT PROGRAM that can help pay for SRRC registration fees.