SRRC athletes train and compete under a variety of programs and locations. On any given day, SRRC athletes center their training on the Exhibition slope at Ski Roundtop.  The slope is anchored by the Competition Center where warm-ups, breaks, video review, and equipment maintenance take place.

  • On Saturday morning, racers who are “home” gather to compete in a two run race. The event is a 6 to 8 race series spanning the season in which each racer earns points based on their weekly performance.  The race is conducted by SRRC coaches and volunteers.
  • A quick break after the race for warmup, awards, and nutrition, then the competitors reconvene in their age groups with coaches to work on skills to continue their advancement and expertise across the entire mountain.
  • Racers who are not “home” are attending races or clinics at other mountains in Pennsylvania or beyond. These racers train midweek in the evenings on the Exhibition and RamRod slopes.
  • SRRC ski team also is privileged to receive early morning access to upper level slopes that are otherwise not available during normal operational hours. SRRC conducts several early morning training sessions for older age groups in the Travel and higher programs.  These sessions are conducted from 6 am to 8am on the weekends, and have a strict ON TIME policy. Announcements are made via email distribution in the weeks leading up to these special sessions.
  • SRRC hosts other teams from Pennsylvania for sanctioned USSA races. One race, The Frank Sheibley Race for Excellence – a dual format GS race, exhibits side by side young racers, U10 to U14.  Another race, the Richard Whitney Memorial SL,  a SL format for youth racers , U10 to U16 and serves to advance racers to the Pennsylvania State Championships.
  • SRRC season typically begins with Christmas Camp, but some years we can get a jump start in December. Announcements about practices are issued once Roundtop’s opening day is confirmed.  Generally December practices are limited to a few hours of skiing on the terrain offered and do not include gate training.  The season concludes with a final Saturday AM race on the first weekend in March.  Practices beyond this date, are determined by weather and snow conditions, week to week until Roundtop’s closing.
  • 2017 Central U16-10 Schedule – Start spreading the news: Be sure to check out our “2017 Central U16-10 Schedule” and lock in the dates.  This schedule covers dates, competition locations, events, age classes, qualifier and whether it’s scored.  We encourage you to watch and support our SRRC racers during race activities and please remember that all coaching and teaching has been accomplished prior to your athlete entering the race.  Races are for showing off their new and improved skills.  Encouragement and positive reinforcement are what we pride ourselves on in SRRC.  Download the 2017 Central U10-16 and PA Cup Schedule.

Athletes in SRRC’s DEVO program, begin their training and competition at Northern locations beyond Pennsylvania on December weekends.  A early season schedule is set and distributed to racers based on their age group.  DEVO membership eligibility is based on prior year rankings from State Championships.

Ski Athlete Programs


Saturday Morning Race Series – A six to eight race series for SRRC members. Points are earned across the span of the races.  The Sat AM race is non-sanctioned but follows the general rules of sanctioned PARA/USSA races and are a great training ground for racers to prepare for higher level racing.

Christmas Camp – A four day camp between XMAS and New Year for all members. All programs meet in the morning, only Travel and DEVO programs meet in the afternoon.  Many fundamentals are covered during Christmas Camp.  Christmas Camp concludes with a club race followed by a Pizza Party.