Our Dear Friend, Bill Filling is Ill

July 16th, 2019
Bill received a bone marrow replacement a few years ago and did so well for so long, but recently has had some setbacks. Bill is discharged to home from Johns Hopkins and has elected to receive care through hospice services.
For our new families, many may not know his leadership and dedication to SRRC and PARA. He is the former SRRC board member who gathered the momentum and support to make the idea of a Comp Center a reality. He is the mentor to our outstanding timing team. He solely developed and administered the PARA gatekeeper program to train and attract top quality officiating for our state association. He is a well-respected member of the PARA’s roster of Technical Delegates, the highest level of officiating upon which the annual calendar of races relies upon.
For those who know Bill, we have always appreciated his patient and thoughtful approach towards problem solving and his creativity for new ideas. He is also warmly regarded for his parenting to Tyler and Morgan, both of who raced and coached for SRRC. His passion for his dogs, their training, and their success in agility competitions have entertained all of those who follow his Facebook posts.
Bill is also the first friend to call during difficult times, and now it is our time to reciprocate. Your cards are encouraged to be sent to 641 Denny Lane, York PA 17406. Bill is settling into his home on Wednesday and would love to see and hear from close friends. Please let Tracey know by texting 717 979 2347, if you want to followup with a visit or phone call.