Parent Resources

SRRC wanted to designed an area for new members, as well as potential members to easily find important resources associated with our organization.  We have created it mainly with the parents in mind. We often hear how mind-boggling it is for those new to ski racing and snowboarding.  Our hope is that our website is just an extension to familiarize you to the Club and the sport of ski racing, and become a resource when you have questions.  Look at it as our SRRC “work in progress” and of course we are always open to suggestions to improve your resource experience

  • SRRC Registration Fees and Programs – SRRC continues to use Team SNAP this year and a new tab is added to this website for registration.   Fees can be paid by debit/credit card, e-check, personal check mailed in by USMail, or a 3 month installment plan is available, but all fees must be paid by December 15.   Additional information about programs can be found under our SKIING and SNOWBOARD tabs.
  • SRRC Grant Program -Skiing and snowboarding, and especially racing, can be expensive. We get that. That’s why SRRC started a Grant program! SRRC is awarding grants again this season.  Applications must be received by December 1 st. Applicants must be U12 or older.  Applicants can be new or returning Ski or Snowboard members who seek membership in any program, except Groms because of age. Applicants are limited to 3 years of awards. Awards are issued within 3 weeks of RMR opening date. A general overiew of the program is here. The application for the program is found 2019 – 20 Grant Announcement & Form.SRRC appreciates and values those who contribute to the grant program.
  • SkillsQuest – SkillsQuest is a USSA training and evaluation program that develops fundamental competencies in young skiers.  It evolved in the last decade to provide exercises and drills that are specific to a precise movement pattern or dynamic skill which enhances racer techniques and tactics.  SkillsQuest was developed because an important correlation was found by USSA when comparing the youth records of racers to their records as elite competitive adults.  Skiers who scored high in fundamental skills also achieved greater success than those who had low scores.  Fundamental skill scores were a more decisive indicator of future success than youth racing performances (i.e. podium finishes or points).Hence the USSA Alpine Training System has incorporated SkillsQuest into programs across all age groups and  it contributes to overall scoring for state championships and regional competitions.  USSA recently introduced SkillsQuest – Fitness as a program for physical conditioning  of strength, power, agility, endurance, and balance.  SRRC is committed to providing SkillsQuest drills and supports its value in developing the talent and potential for all of our athletes.SRRC coaches were delighted to receive the news that SRRC Member, Brady Mason (U14)  achieved the 2nd highest score for the Skillsquest component at the USSA Eastern Regional Championships in 2016.
  •  Calendars – SRRC is busy! We start in October (yes, October!) and wrap it up in April. The TeamSnap application provides the most up to date calendar feature for all of our events from preseason to post season; practices, races, and social.  Teamsnap calendars are age-specific and program specific to each athlete.  Not all events will appear on an athletes calendar if a member is not eligible.Athletes who earn eligibility to race events beyond Pennsylvania will receive information directly from coaches assigned to that event, in many cases those coaches may be from other PARA and New England clubs.

  • Admin Ski Racing – This site,, is the central location for all USSA/PARA travel races. It also is the registration site for racing beyond Pennsylvania. For the purpose of PARA races, all races appear under the PARA/Eastern filter.Each race have a separate registration fee and process determined by the host club. Clubs communicate the information through its registration page of its race. Races typically have a Wednesday or Thursday deadline, at any time of day, which is displayed in the date/time in the “Event Late Date”.  Registrations after the deadline will incur a late fee, usually $25 to $40.A racer’s data is automatically screened for eligibility and matching against USSA data;  It is important to match the name exactly as it is listed on a USSA card to be accepted by Admin Ski Racing.  Note: first time users will need to create an account and add the participant(s) to the file to register for races.  Please allow a few extra minutes for this step and have your USSA# and credit cards ready.
  • Pennsylvania Alpine Racing Association (PARA) – The Pennsylvania Alpine Racing Association (PARA) is the governing body of sanctioned racing in Pennsylvania. PARA is 1,000 members strong who are passionate about alpine ski racing. PARA members are located throughout most Pennsylvania ski areas. PARA is one division of the Eastern Region of the United States Ski and Snowboard Association (USSA). The PARA website can be found here and contains much of the important information pertaining travel races, Derby Standings, State Championships, and clinic.  The PARA website contains info about USSA events and details relevant to the those who are in the Travel and DEVO programs.
  • Volunteering – SRRC success depends on an active, involved and informed crew of parent volunteers. Parents can participate at many levels, indoors or out, on skiing or non-skiing.  A variety of tasks and roles are available for parents to actively engage in throughout the season.  SRRC uses an online signup page called SignUpGenius to alert families when, where, and what help is needed. Access to a signup sheet is circulated by links  in an email or facebook posts. SignUpGenius replaces our former online tool called Time to Sign Up.
  • Gatekeeping – Competitive racing can only be successful by the work of gatekeepers who ensure races are run fairly. Gatekeeping is the first layer of officiating and evaluates if a racers has successfully navigated a course.  SRRC will provide training to parents who will volunteer for this role during race days for either our club Sat AM race or our sanction races.  Training is provided at the Comp Center’s 2nd floor (usually during XMAS camp) to get ready for the season ahead. Stay tuned for the day and time. Shadow opportunities are always available for those who are curious. Lower course assignments also available for those who want to walk up in snow boots.
  • Alpine Official –PARA is hosting four Alpine Officials clinic on some Saturdays or Sundays in November during 9am to 1pm, with exams for pre-registered candidates beginning at 1;30pm.  Clinic cost is $30 for those who pre-registered.   Exam candidates should notify Rob Lipton, prior to the event and cost $10. Registration is through AdminSkiRacing.Parents who gain experience and knowledge of racing through either gatekeeping or other race committee work, can elect to enter sanctioned, licensed roles. Work can be done either inside with timing and calculations or on snow through referee positions.  USSA training and licensing is required. Mentoring and support is provided by fellow, seasoned parents.
  • Equipment – When it comes to gearing up, there is a lot to consider.
    • HELMETS – When skiing GS at any of the PARA/USSA races, hard ear helmets are required, and U14 and older need a FIS compliant helmet with a FIS sticker on the back.
    • SKIS – U14 and younger racers who are new to the  Comp and Comp+ programs should begin training with a general, all mountain ski before acquiring specialized GS and SL skis.
  • Camps/Off Season Training – SRRC periodically conducts or attends training, camps, and clinics offered at a variety of times during winter and into the off season, such as Thanksgiving and Summer. Announcements and details are issued by email as they occur.